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Our Founder


Since 1974, Mr. Richard Harris has been building businesses based on the philosophies of Earl Nightengale, Bob Proctor and many other great minds. He has coached many entrepreneurs and been involved in many lucrative businesses in fields from real estate to network marketing to regenerative therapies. In 2019, he recognized an opportunity in cutting edge therapies and gathered a team of high-level professionals to launch the business. Of course, COVID-19 was an unexpected event which, along with FDA related delays, caused the team to pivot. Having identified such a skilled team, Harris turned his attention to providing top-level skills development and business opportunities for nurse practitioners across the United States. The Academy for Extraordinary Nurse Practitioners was formed in 2021, and offers participants the information, connections, skills and knowledge they need to build a life they love.

Our Advisory Board:

Richard Harris

Dr. Stoller

Jessica Macera

Joy Russell

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